Talairach Daemon

The Talairach Daemon (TD) is a high-speed database server for querying and retrieving data about human brain structure over the internet. It uses TCP/IP sockets for communications and minimizes the amount of data transferred during transactions. By keeping most transactions to a low number of bytes (less than 50 generally), even slow throughput network transfers (1 Kbyte/sec) should have reasonable response times.

3D brain axis structure

The TD server data is searched using x,y,z coordinates resolved to 1x1x1 mm volume elements within a standardized Talairach space. An array, indexed by x,y,z coordinates, that spans the dimensions of the 1988 Talairach Atlas brain (170mm, 210mm, 200mm), provides high-speed access to data. Coordinates tracked by the TD server are spatially consistent with the Talairach Atlas. Each array location stores a pointer to a relation record that holds data describing what is present at the corresponding coordinate. Presently, the data in relation records are either Structure Probability Maps (SP Maps) or Talairach Atlas Labels, though others can be easily added. The relation records are implemented as linked lists to names and values for brain structures.

The Daemon can be accessed using the Talairach Applet or by using the Talairach Client.

To run a local copy of the Talairach Daemon, download the .jar file and run the following command:

java -cp talairach.jar org.talairach.AtlasServer 1600

To access a locally-run Daemon, use the command line options with an additional parameter: host=www.yourserver.com:port.

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