Java Browser Support

The best browsers to use for Java applets are Safari on macOS and Internet Explorer on Windows. Oracle has updated suggestions on how to run an applet on IE. Apple has help for running an applet on Safari.

Microsoft Edge does not support Java or other plugins: Win10 FAQ

Chrome version 45 and later have removed all support for Java applets:

Firefox version 52 and later have removed support for Java applets. There is a "Extended Support" custom-built option, but it is not readily available.

Java Security Settings

Java security are often very restrictive, asking multiple times to "Allow", "Don't Block", and "Run" before letting the applet appear. The Java Control Panel allows setting an exception for to avoid some of these steps.

(Instructions found on official Java web sites -,

You'll need to open the Java Control Panel. This interface is nearly identical on all platforms.

Once the Java Control Panel is open, select the "Security" tab. Click on the button called either "Edit Site List..." or "Manage Site List" and add ""

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